Patient Portal Video Guides

Discover your new online portal here ! We'd like to ask for your help in keeping your medical and insurance information updated with us for your safety and well-being. Please login to your portal and update your Medical History Form and APCDC Update Form prior to your next visit with us.

These videos may help:

Video guide for Patient Portal on Desktop (please watch first)

Video guide for Patient Portal on iPhone

Video guide for Patient Portal on Android

Additional portal features include previous and upcoming appointments, dental treatments, and payments. Patients will also be able to view insurance information we have on file, make online payments (please do not pay unless you receive a statement or a text to pay) , or edit account information and online forms. When editing account information, please use care in which family member's account is being changed.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions! We can also help you update your information in our office at our ipad stations.

Written guide on how to access your new online portal

We would love to have your help in keeping your information up to date to provide a safe and caring experience. Click here to learn how your medical history may affect your dental care .

We are now accepting new patients and we are thankful for your referrals.

Reminder: Please provide us at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that we can accommodate the dental care needs of our other patients, mahalo.

Medical History Form: Please update annually, or, if anything has changed. This includes any change in medication, provider, hospital visits, surgeries, and any other health related updates.

APCDC Update Form: Please complete again only if your last appointment was over 21 days ago, if you have any cold symptoms, if your employer may have renegotiated with your insurance carrier, or if your insurance, employment or student status may have changed.

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